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                      My Philosophical Perspective on Education   


In forming a philosophy a teacher searches for the wisdom to maximize the learning for all students. My belief in education as an emerging teacher is to be the facilitator a student would need in order to nurture herself/himself. I also believe the teacher should have the following qualities, where she/he can challenge the students and watches them grow to their full potential. I believe learning happens only when students are happy. It may sound simple but it forms the base for being an open and passionate learner for life.


As an emerging educator, One of my goals is to use preventive and supportive behaviour strategies more than corrective, for example:  In order to further growth and learning of my students, these basic needs will be met in my classroom by providing them a safe environment, where they can develop to their full potential without being judged. Have engaging lessons, using different mediums. As a role of an educator, learning cannot happen in isolation, it is a collective effort.We believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose.


To conclude my write up, I would sum up by saying I am a learner where I learn and continue to unlearn with my students. I know how valuable is the teacher’s encouragement and motivation is and believe in providing this with equality and fairness. Though, there might be times of struggle, but the support from the peers and system can help me as a facilitator to overcome it.I believe that I will be able to contribute to the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of my students.

                      My Sociological Perspective on Education   

As an educator it is a very critical to understand a role of education in society, as it forms a sub-system of the society because they are interrelated. Social growth occurs both academically and socially with the exploration of self with different opportunities, with exchange of ideas, change of thoughts and on the larger platform change of mindsets of the society as a whole. It is education which can guide the society in variety of ways to make it an ecosystem where all co-exist in equality and harmony. The cooperation of the people is necessary as social change is rejected in the beginning. But a continuous effort working within the system and working parallely with system might see the evolution of a new society where we would see many sociological unrest laying down in peace for ever with a new dawn, of gender equality, power, boundaries, patriarchal society to name a few. It sounds promising that through education and its benefits it is quite possible that people will slowly and gladly accept the necessary change. Role of education just does not restrict to teach the children for their better future but to also create the awareness among adults to make them understand meaning of good government, good health, meaning of good moral conduct etc. It is an evolution of the shift in the thinking, it is a shift in the way we represent a society, it is shift in how we make conscious choices for society as a whole.It is through education that co-operation of all may be obtained for a particular social change.

                     MY PHILOSOPHY ASSIGNMENT              

Philosophy means, a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour. The behaviour of a being who comes to life is influenced by another being by hearing, seeing and communicating with one person to many more people around him as he grows. This pattern of life continues till the child lives. I relate with the literary meaning of the word Philosophy as guided principle for behaviour. To further share my thoughts on the same, I believe the child is a bud and how he or she will bloom would depend upon the environment provided to him that starts from home and extends to a limitless boundaries of this universe. I would want to encourage giving a no pressure space to a child and enough freedom to him that can enable him to express himself, without any much guidance or influence that will change the trajectory of a child's thoughts and later the development of brain. As I am observing in ASB in grade 7, the students are given enough opportunities and various ways which is helping a child to be curious to gain knowledge in probably the best possible way in today’s time. The students are developing the knowledge bank both vertically and horizontally. This exposure is helping me to understand how the student’s mind can be stimulated by exposing them to  various ways and not necessarily putting them into constant pressure and a fear.


Word education is a big word in the history of dictionary which itself has two radical meaning attached to it, One is, ‘the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university’ and Second is,’ an enlightening experience’. The powerful meanings of the same word makes me think what is most appropriate way the education can be given or received, in a way that it keeps the child as pure he is and does not change the basic nature of the child. This give and take of the knowledge should start from the home. The curious mind or as rightly said an explorer, will lead him to the well of abundance information around him. Right from his first word of speaking to the cosmic world.


We desperately need a new paradigm in education and this means having honest discussions about where we are, where we want to go and how we’re going to get there.The education system should be such which can enable any curious mind to impart knowledge in the best form keeping the intellect of the child intact. The modifications with the learning should come or may be guided in a very natural way a child can relate to. Keeping in mind the graph of every child is different and so is the interest. The topics can be integrated till elementary and the subjects can be amalgamated and taught individually later. Foundation for anything is laid mostly with interest, if interest is not created nor found no foundation is ever formed and hence will affect the child in the later stage.

The role of a teacher is just not to facilitate knowledge but more than that they are the ones who can make learning interesting by which a child can relate to, even if the topic or subject is not of his choice. That creativity on how to facilitate knowledge by awakening the interest and curiosity is the heart of being in the most noble profession of teaching. Similarly few more things forms the part of being a teacher I think would be to a human first.The times we are in is very ruthless which has changed the meaning of basic human nature from being  sensitive n human to insensitive n inhuman. These negative qualities are imbibed by our students, may be not explicitly but implicitly. A very close approach which is substantial in the way they believe in the education is Progressivism.”Progressivists believe that education should focus on the whole child, rather than on the content or the teacher. This educational philosophy stresses that students should test ideas by active experimentation. Learning is rooted in the questions of learners that arise through experiencing the world. It is active, not passive. The learner is a problem solver and thinker who makes meaning through his or her individual experience in the physical and cultural context. Effective teachers provide experiences so that students can learn by doing. Curriculum content is derived from student interests and questions. The scientific method is used by progressivist educators so that students can study matter and events systematically and first hand. The emphasis is on process-how one comes to know. The Progressive education philosophy was established in America from the mid 1920s through the mid 1950s. John Dewey was its foremost proponent. One of his tenets was that the school should improve the way of life of our citizens through experiencing freedom and democracy in schools. Shared decision making, planning of teachers with students, student-selected topics are all aspects. Books are tools, rather than authority.”  (© 1999 LeoNora M. Cohen, OSU - School of Education).

Teacher’s job is done when the student no longer needs him. The teacher should be the source of guidance who can show the students on how to look at any problem and see and reflect on it from different perspectives.

Though no one can deny the fact that as and how the human race has evolved the new meaning and ways has  constantly changed the face of many things including education. This also suggests the power of human mind who have born and changed the world with their radical thinking and their capacities as the human mind. To name a few, Einstein, Tagore, Dewey et all. This list of names is an exhaustive one, which gives me a confidence and courage to be a teacher I want the child would want to be with.To bloom that curious mind I would want to be that facilitator who would want to provide the right environment where there is no authoritarian way of learning and teaching.Where there is equal and mutual respect for learning and unlearning.The place where the child would feel safe, free to explore and be given enough opportunities to feed his curious mind. In the times to come we need more thinkers and creators.

“The best questions are the ones that engage students in higher level thinking skills that breathe beyond classroom walls”.( Karten Toby in Education Week teacher.)


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