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I am a….learner/ student observation


First lesson I have learnt in IAAT, is that a learner is always an observer first. It was quite embedded in us from the very first day and was quite intriguing as we continue  to observe the peers, students and the mentor teachers. It was asked to us explicitly and now it has become so implicit in me, that it has open a new window to my thinking and hence changed my actions.  A passionate teacher is always observing her/his students and learning by making the continuous change in teaching methods, by making the space and learning more student friendly and meaningful, as one size does not fit everyone.


A learner is never short on innovation and creativity, I am evolving and have  been like a sponge who is constantly absorbing things around me. Observation is a to some extent a natural phenomenon to us but I use to limit my observation to preconceived thinking, however the journey with IAAT, It has in turn alleviated  to my self growth. With now being more reflective on my observation and as a learner, it’s a new journey I have embarked on.

Quote,” Observation without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence”

Jiddu Krishnamurti


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