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Journey to New Me………...


Balance keeps me going.

Balance brings peace.

Balance gives energy


A long sabbatical or better still a life I chose for myself. As they say sky is the limit, but we have to step out to see the sky. One such beautiful day began with hunt on education on the google and lead me to I am a Teacher ( IAAT).

The journey began with consciousness and still evolving me from my deep subconscious mind. The layers began to unearth from 11th July 2018 and every word after that is just not history but determines me of who am I.


The quote that I resonate with is ,” When you absolutely throw yourself into your activity, your energy will only grow”.



Life is not what one can live what one believes in, It is so different and meaningful, lest we can make some sense out of it. Teaching and learning comes naturally to almost all of us, In my opinion Its for being a daughter, friend, wife, mother, neighbour, peer etc. Every day I learn and Unlearn something new. I embrace it with open mind. That keeps me going.


Children are the source of inspiration to me. They make me think to all the wonders and curiosities of life. The true being of themselves and the entire zone resonates with their aura of happiness and love. It is  just not to write but to truly believe in it, as I am fortunate enough to live with two such beautiful souls and so many around me.


Moving from different profession ( Garment Merchandising) to education is my forte. The journey which I always thought I would never walk on but as a saying goes,” life begin’s out of your comfort zone”. I am so humbled, going back in the memory lane my respect grows multifold for my teachers. Teacher and being a parent, in my point of view are the two most important and critical source in the development of a child. As I read some where, “ One adult influence can make or break the child’s life”, sounds very relevant to me. The journey which I have started is never too late to embark on.


I strongly feel connected to nature and believe any living being from a single celled amoeba to a human all are part of mother nature and we all are meant to live in the same tune as mother nature wants us to, absolutely pure and natural and keep evolving and growing.

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