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Maths with ‘The Shaji’

Gyaan ko Jodna hee ‘Jodo Gyaan’ hai.
Jodo Gyan, is an organisation working to find workable solutions to Math problems in classroom
One line which will remain with me and I am sure must have connected thousands of learners,
whether teachers or students is ………” Shuru se Titli Tak Kitne Moti Hein”.

They introduced topics like numbers, counting and addition using ‘Ganit Mala.

Ganit Mala is such a profound learning tool for a child who is beginning to learn math to anyone who
is a pro in math. The entire concepts of how many’s to addition, subtraction, division, symbols,
patterns etc. all can be made conceptually cleared with it.
Number of  activities were done through Ganit Mala, Dice, Akar Parivar, etc. Akar Parivar was a set
of various colored cutouts of different shapes such as: circle, triangle, square, diamond, etc.

Participants were asked to arrange these colorful shapes to form a design. In
another activity, they learnt how to create a design with specific number of
shapes. This activity was more focused on the concept of less & more
(Comparison of numbers).

Another interesting activity was patterning. Participants were asked to make a jewellery for the
Gudiya with different colour beads.
In Primary sections, they emphasized on thinking, generalizing and reasoning.
They brought in real life experiences related to mathematics in teaching strategy.
There is no directed teaching, its only child centric. It benefits and strengths the learning and makes it
more meaningful and enjoyable for the children. All the activities are planned in such a way that it
includes many aspects, just not maths.
For Example: It tells about iconic representation, language, relationships etc.
What I have understood is, the philosophy behind Jodo Gyan is to develop the thinking of the child to
do Math. Learning is important when it is done indirectly and is motivating’.
As Shaji said, ‘Math is a pausing problem, prompting children to think, they will arrive at the
solution. Drawing from the real life is the easiest and most meaningful way to enable children to learn
from it’.

By this workshop we learnt innovative methods through which children will understand and enjoy
what they are being taught in Mathematics.
The Young enthusiasts with, ‘The Shaji’




Language is the dress of thought: Samuel Johnson


English as a language is the second way to communicate and think, as it meets the aspirations of people to be a global citizen. To improve in english improves the linguistic skills in other languages as well. Language is the base to understand all other subjects, like science, social science, math etc. Every teacher plays an important role to improve the language skills of the students and not just the language teacher.


Language and society language is both a system of communication between individuals and a social phenomenon. Language use in society applies to all groups, young and old, male and female, rural and urban. In order to realise impartial investigations of language in society it is necessary to employ objective methods.

The more you expose your students to the target language, the better. Communication is a crucial part of language and so is grammar; they need each other. I am very amazed to learn in how many ways we can teach language to children by exposing them to it using different skills, eg:  In read aloud the use of variations in pitch, tone, pace, volume, pauses, eye contact, questions, and comments to produce a fluent and enjoyable delivery.

I discovered the new ways to explore myself and to pen down my thoughts using podcast, videos, blogs and such other online tools, makes me evolve in my new journey.


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